Here below the most recent press releases about OTB Foundation’s initiatives.

The social development and preservation of the Italian artistic heritage have always been a key priority for the OTB Group and its founder Renzo Rosso, who, through the OTB Foundation, enhance the cultural heritage of our country and support the most fragile with social-oriented projects. These convictions led, on September 7, to the inauguration of a fully restored Rialto bridge.

The financial support granted by OTB to Venice has involved an investment of 5 million euros, and the OTB Group has directly followed the process of restoration, which began in 2014, supporting the experts of the City of Venice and the workers to obtain the best result. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the public and private sectors, the works ended six months earlier than expected allowing, thanks to the careful management of the budget, also the restoration of the paving of the Rialto galleries

The restoration has seen the involvement of more than 130 people among restorers, workers, and technicians who, in about 80,000 hours of work and thanks to the installation of 5,500 square meters of scaffolding, have brought back to their ancient splendor a total area of 5 thousand square meters.

OTB Foundation immediately takes action to support UNHCR, which has chosen to stay in Afghanistan to keep providing humanitarian assistance to the civilian population that has lost everything escaping: emergency housing, direct economic support, sanitation, and health kits are necessary, as well as life-saving goods.

Thanks to the significant donation received from our Foundation, UNHCR will ensure that more than 300 families can have first-aid accommodation finding themselves safe, under the protection of the UN Refugee Agency. Considering an average of 5 people per family, over 1,500 people will have a place to sleep and be with their loved ones.

The commitment of the OTB Foundation continues: We won’t allow them to be invisible again #Saveafghanlives



The brave ladies, who drove the “pink shuttles” in Kabul – women-driven buses used to transport other women that would not be allowed to travel and move in cars with men – have now been welcomed in Italy.

Girls who, when the political emergency made things harder, organized – again thanks to the shuttles they had learned to drive – a social service for those who were more in need.

OTB Foundation is now willing to not give up these women and their children but to make them the protagonists of integration projects that can guarantee them a future



The collaboration between OTB Foundation and Alice Onlus Association gave life to “Only The Brave Chiama Alice”, a free call service for kids aged 12 to 20 years old.

Discouragement, isolation and loneliness, doubts and fears are frequent in pre-teens and adolescents. For this reason, Alice Onlus and OTB Foundation help provide experienced professionals offer a free listening and support service.

The number will be active on Thursday, from 3 to 6pm and from 6 to 7pm, and on Friday from 4 to 6pm.

Access will be free by reservation:

– by writing to indicating one’s Skype username. The operator will indicate the time and day of the interview

– by connecting to Skype and calling the account. In case the operator is engaged in another conversation, it will call back according to the received calls.

Although addressed to minors, the service will not require the usual request for consent from parents and/or legal guardians

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Thanks also to the collaboration with the local authorities, OTB Foundation supports several “Empori Solidali” (‘solidarity emporiums’), such as the Corte del Forner in Venice and the Casa dell’Ospitalità in Mestre.

The Foundation is now committing to open two new emporiums in the province of Vicenza, with the ambition to extend the intervention to other regions of Italy in the future, and the idea of opening OTB Foundation solidarity stores. These emporiums are multifunctional spaces that provide the distribution of basic necessities organized as a real supermarket, within which the beneficiaries can find free food and other products. There is a reception area where beneficiaries are followed by professionals and addressed, according to needs, to the various competent offices in the territory with the ultimate aim to facilitate their reintegration in society through a multi-faceted support.



The projects we select meet three specific selection criteria: innovation, direct social impact, sustainability. We follow each of our social development initiatives at every stage and it must be well-accountable.