Coinciding with the reopening of the Italian schools, OTB Foundation and the Augustinians in the World Foundation announce a partnership aimed at strengthening the JUVENAT Residential Center-in the city of Dungu, Democratic Republic of Congo-a project aimed at the reception and social and economic reintegration of former child soldiers-both male and female-and marginalized youth.

The JUVENAT program, established in 2020 as a collaboration between the Augustinians in the World Foundation and Augustinian missionaries in Congo, is supporting 450 former child-soldier boys and girls annually, thanks to which a residential center and a number of workshops were built-in the first part of the project-to assist young people in the area.

With OTB Foundation’s grant, allocated after electing the winning project in the last Brave Actions for a Better World call for proposals, the training and production workshops already present at the center – PC programmer, carpentry, tailoring and agro-pastoralism – will be enhanced, expanding the beneficiaries’ social and economic reintegration program. Thanks to the OTB Group Foundation, the center will be able to support an additional 200 young people a year, increasing the program’s beneficiaries by 50 percent to a total of 650 boys and girls.


OTB Foundation has become an Ente del Terzo Settore (ETS), by decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. This is a new type of organization introduced by the Italian Third Sector Reform that allows nonprofit organizations to amplify their range of activities.

Until today we have done a lot, but from today we could do even more. Together.

OTB Foundation was awarded the WE WELCOME award for promoting the employment of people from Ukraine during 2022.

OTB Foundation was awarded the WE WELCOME award for promoting the employment of people from Ukraine during 2022.

We are proud not only for the recognition of the work done, but above all because it reminds how much integration, work, sociality and training can really make a difference!


Arianna Alessi and Renzo Rosso receive the Prize “La Moda Veste la Pace”, a public recognition to authoritative people who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to inclusion and the fight against discrimination and racism, awarded annually by the African Fashion Gate (AFG).

AFG has decided to give recognition to Renzo Rosso and Arianna Alessi for the constant work they carry out with OTB Foundation for the benefit of the weakest and most vulnerable, but especially for the commitment shown in supporting the Ukrainian population since the outbreak of the conflict.


Vanity Fair, on the occasion of March 8, presented Changemaker, a network of women who changed the rules of the game with a social impact: a group with which to focus on new scenarios and visions of a possible future, unhinging prejudices and suggesting virtuous actions (and winners).

OTB Foundation Vice President Arianna Alessi was interviewed among the top 20 changemakers, and in her interview she also talks about the work done in OTB Foundation.


People searching for survivors under the rubble, following earthquake, in the Al-Aziziyeh neighborhoud, Aleppo Governorate. ; A major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck south-east Türkiye and north Syria at around 04:20 am on 6th February.

Four days after the devastating earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria causing, to date, 15,000 confirmed victims, in particularly severe weather conditions, UNHCR has already mobilized its operations in the field to come to the aid of refugees and refugee camps in the two countries

With the help of the OTB Foundation, UNHCR will ensure safe emergency shelter tents and the distribution of emergency goods kits, to concretely respond to the urgent need of families in need of relief and shelter, a need made even more imminent by the adverse weather conditions of these last hours


OTB Foundation supports ItaliaHello in the Job Clinic Online project, an innovative digital tool created to answer the needs of refugees and asylum seekers, connecting demand and supply of work, promoting social and economic integration of migrants and foreigners between 18 and 45 years.

After winning the OTB Foundation call, the platform has been made accessible to external users since February 2022, and in the last 4 months has allowed the upload of 314 curricula, with an average of 25-30 requests per week. During the reference period, 94 interviews were held, 33 of which were successful. The beneficiaries, represented 20% by women, have found work in catering, tourism, goods storage, cultural language mediation, family and domestic care and construction.

But that’s not all: the project allowed 41 people to attend vocational training courses and several training seminars focused on improving their skills, writing their resume or knowledge of the job market in Italy.

Around 1,000 families in Odessa, Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Kyiv, have already received assistance thanks to the collaboration between OTB Foundation and Zegna Foundation who have teamed up with Cesvi to help people in Ukraine.

Targeting pregnant women and mothers with children under five, as well as elderly and disabled people who couldn’t flee the country, the organization is providing them with linens, pillows, warmers and hygiene kits.

Discover the history of Vladislava and Camilla

On this occasion, OTB Foundation wants to support the brave organizations that deal with those who live in disadvantaged situations, in Italy and in the world. Given the difficult historical period we are going through, punctuated by continuous national and international emergencies, OTB Foundation wants to be present and support non-profit organizations that are facing growing and complex challenges, increasing its commitment through the launch of two different Calls.

The Foundation will provide a grant of € 300,000 for: ▪️ Development of solidarity emporiums in Italy ▪️ Women and youth empowerment projects abroad

From now until 26 January 2023, associations can apply by submitting their project at the following link:  BRAVE ACTIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD GRANTS 2022-2023

On this occasion, our vice president addressed the hot topics in which the OTB Foundation focuses its activities: the improvement of education, culture, integration, care for the environment and sustainability, as well as the attention given to women.

The Family Economy Week stands as a catalyst event of the best ideas in the economic, financial, cultural, social and entrepreneurial fields to instill in our country, and not only, an authentic wave of change.

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