Brave Actions For A Better World   contest is now online.

If you’re part of an Italian no profit organization with a brave social project to be developed abroad, make your application!

Il bando Brave Actions For A Better World  è online.

Inviaci il tuo progetto di inclusione sociale!


We are grateful for the partnership with Only the Brave Foundation to create a thriving social business so that we can help and inspire more women around the world.

Lisa T.D. Nguyen SENHOA

I think that the phrase that most represents my work and my life is a phrase of Hannah Arendt, a philosopher I love so much: “Man is not made to die but to start over.” Applies to all and especially for my little ones.


This with Only The Brave Foundation is a new experience, which is allowing me to learn new things that I did not know how to do before and that will help me in my work.

Barbara Cunego D-HUB & "A SPECIAL BAG"

I was very happy when I discovered the company restaurant I manage in the headquarters of OTB would implement the surplus food program. All the staff is very enthusiastic about it and we work to reduce food waste as close to zero as possible

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