Financial support from the Only the Brave Foundation was essential to scale up our operations to commercial scale in Rwanda. We are grateful for their timely and key investment to help us prove that SHE is a sustainable and scalable model that can be replicated globally

Elizabeth Scharpf

Through the generous support of the Only The Brave foundation, APOPO has saved lives and transformed minefields in Angola into productive farmland and thriving communities. We are proud to share our success with OTB foundation and we look forward to protecting more lives and restoring livelihoods together

Håvard Bach APOPO

We were honored to partner with Only The Brave Foundation to provide New York City’s growing immigrant population of Sub-Saharan African women with paid, on-the-job culinary training and the opportunity to launch new careers


I was very happy when I discovered the company restaurant I manage in the headquarters of OTB would implement the surplus food program. All the staff is very enthusiastic about it and we work to reduce food waste as close to zero as possible

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