Our Foundation is actively on the field and in direct contact with the medical personnel, to understand the needs of any hospital and to move quickly in the supply and distribution of the materials. These are both protective gears for doctors and medical staff who operate front line in the fight against the virus, and equipment to help Covid-19 patients.


Si è conclusa l’edizione 2020 del bando «BRAVE ACTIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD», volto a sostenere i progetti delle organizzazioni non profit che si sono mobilitate durante l’emergenza Covid-19. I vincitori sono Terre des Hommes Italia Onlus con il progetto “SpesaSospesa” e ItaliaHello con il progetto “Job Clinic Online”. Per maggiori informazioni clicca qui!

UNTIL TODAY +750,000

Units of DPI distributed


Beneficiary hospitals, retirement homes, and organizations


Families provided with basic necessities, pharmaceuticals and children's products

Three are the areas of our interventions

Three are the areas of our interventions:

1) The donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) to Italian hospitals and to structures for the elderly, for the safety of the guests and of the personnel who looks after them

We ordered, distributed and are shipping UNTIL TODAY :

– more than 350,000 surgical masks
– about 400,000 FFP2 filter masks
– about 20,000 protection items (such as overalls, gowns, shoe covers, protective visors), plus specific gels and detergents for the personnel involved in the ambulance transport of Covid-19 patients and in the home delivery of medicines to the elderly

2) Supply of cutting-edge technological equipment to prevent the spread of the virus in environments where Covid-19 patients are recovering

We ordered, distributed and are shipping:

-30 purifiers that sanitize the air and all surfaces through the advanced ‘Active Pure’ technology, certified by the International Space Station and used by the US government to decontaminate Ground Zero and the Pentagon. The technology eliminates bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (such as Covid-19), it disinfects in the presence of humans without any risk and without any ozone production, for the benefit of the medical personnel who can work safely avoiding infection. Each purifier was donated complete with technical support accessories

-50 CPAP respiratory helmets equipped with a bacterial/viral filter to protect the patient, donated with complete devices for ventilatory support

-80 full face masks for non-invasive ventilation both with dispersion and with expiratory valve, to protect and isolate Covid-19 patients

-IPAD devices for Covid-19 patients who can now get in touch with their loved ones

3) Support for the conversion of existing hospital wards in dedicated sections for the reception of Covid-19 patients

In Milan, at Fatebenefratelli Sacco Hospital, the Foundation has supported the conversion of a section of the pediatric house into negative pression isolated rooms to accommodate Covid-19 patients. The Foundation also supported the arrangement of an additional section of the structure to create a proper Covid-19 help Department

Other main projects

Other interventions:

-Confinement structure for Covid-19 positive yet asymptomatic cases

OTB Foundation, in collaboration with ULSS7 Pedemontana of Bassano del Grappa, helped secure the rooms of Piccolo Brennero and Ca’ Garibaldi hotels for Covid-19 positives cases, providing a room to those who need to spend a period of isolation outside their homes, to avoid the spread of the virus and keep their families safe. The initiative is primarily aimed at the medical staff who have tested positive, but it will also be open to non-employees of ULSS 7 Pedemontana who need a place to stay. The Foundation provides meals, daily sanitization of the rooms and complete cleaning of the common areas, as well as laundry service

Support for nearly 300 families in need, and particularly for families with minor children


The Foundation, in collaboration with Italy’s Protezione Civile and with medical personnel such as pediatricians and pharmacists, covers the expenses for basic necessities, pharmaceuticals and children’s products to help families with economic problems in the cities of Sciacca and Bassano del Grappa

Beneficiary cities and hospitals:
Agrigento_ Giovanni Paolo II di Sciacca Hospital
Bari_ Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico di Bari
Bassano Del Grappa_ San Bassiano Hospital
Bassano del Grappa_ Croce Rossa
Bergamo_ Alzano Lombardo Hospital
Bergamo_ Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital
Cuneo_ Saluzzo Hospital
Cuneo_Croce Verde di Saluzzo
Enna_ Umberto I Hospital
Enna_ Basilotta di Nicosia Hospital
Milano_ Fatebenefratelli Sacco Hospital
Milano_ Fatebenefratelli Pediatric Hospital
Milano_San Carlo Borromeo Hospital
Milano_ Niguarda Hospital
Nuoro_ San Francesco Hospital
Perugia_ Città di Castello Hospital
Pesaro Urbino_Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord
Potenza_Azienda Ospedaliera San Carlo
Salerno_ ASL di Salerno Scafati Hospital
Sassari_Presidio Ospedaliero di Sassari
Torino_Cottolengo Hospital
Verona_ Borgo Trento Hospital
Verona_Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata (AOUI)
Verona_ San Bonifacio Hospital
Verona_ Marzana Hospital
Verona_ Legnago Hospital
Verona_ Bovolone Hospital
Verona_ Bussolengo Hospital
Verona_ Villafranca Hospital
Verona_ Malcesine Hospital
Vicenza_ San Bortolo Hospital
Vicenza_ Santorso Hospital

Beneficiary cities and retirement homes for the elderly:
Brescia_ Centro di riabilitazione E. Spalenza, Rovato
Milano_ IRCCS S. Maria Nascente
Milano_ Istituto Palazzolo FdG
Milano_ Centro Girola
Milano_Centro S. Maria al Castello, Pessano con Bornago
Monza_ Hospice S. Maria delle Grazie
Monza_ Centro Ronzoni Villa
Pavia_ Centro S. Maria alle Fonti, Salice Terme
Varese_ Centro S. Maria al Monte, Malnate
Vicenza_ Villa Serena di Bassano Del Grappa
Vicenza _ Sturm di Bassano Del Grappa
Vicenza _ G.Sterni di Bassano Del Grappa
Vicenza _Villa Serena di Solagna
Vicenza_ Villa Aldina di Rossano Veneto
Vicenza _ Casa di riposo di Cartigliano
Vicenza _ Casa di riposo Asiago

Beneficiary cities and other organizations:
Genova_“Il Sorriso” (psychiatric facility, including many autistic people)
Enna_‘OASI’ association in Troina
Lecco_Casa dei Ragazzi IAMA Onlus in Olgiate (organization that supports people with disabilities)
Milano_ “Ti serve una mascherina?” association
Rimini_ Comunità San Patrignano (community for young people with addictions)
Palermo_Associazione Missione Speranza e Carita’ (organization that supports homeless and disadvantaged people)
Varese_ Piccolo Principe Onlus in Busto Arsizio (welcoming home for minors)
Vicenza_Villaggio SOS (welcoming home for minors)