Submission Process

If you consider that your project and/or organization matches our selection criteria we invite you to download the Application form fill it in and send it to us.

If upon submittal of the application form your project matches our fields of action and criteria, the Foundation will contact you for further information and/or documentation.

When the information is completed, the accepted projects will be presented by the Foundation to the Foundation Selection Committee for review and grant decisions.

Selection Criteria

Organizations can operate in various fields. Among the most common areas are health, education, social and economic development. As a balanced intervention requires an integrated approach, their activities often span several fields at the same time.

When selecting organizations to work with, the Only The Brave Foundation applies a number of criteria that together characterize an outstanding and innovative organization/project. The five most important criteria are:

Innovation: The candidate has brought about social change by transforming traditional practice. Such transformation can have been achieved through:
– An innovative product or service
– The development of a different approach
– A more determined or rigorous application of known technologies, ideas and approaches.

Sustainability: The candidate has generated the social conditions and/or institutions needed to sustain the initiative and is dedicating all of their time to it. Set up as a non-profit entity, the organization is achieving some degree of financial self-sustainability through fees or revenues or is engaged in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with business and/or the public sector.

Direct social impact: The candidate has founded, developed and implemented the entrepreneurial initiative directly, together with poor or marginalised beneficiaries and stakeholders, for an impact that is concrete and tangible.

Reach and Scope: The social entrepreneur’s initiative has been implemented successfully. Impact manifests itself in quantifiable results and testimonials and is well documented. The initiative may have spread beyond its initial context and has been adapted successfully to other settings in the country or internationally, either directly, or through others who have replicated or adapted elements of it.

Replicability: The initiative can be adapted to other regions of the world to solve similar problems. The entrepreneur is open to sharing with others the tools, approaches and techniques that are critical to the adaptation of the initiative

Location: The Only The Brave Foundation invests 10% of its funds in Italy (primarily in the Vicentino region), for example creating socially useful jobs for the unemployed, and the remaining 90% in Sub-Saharan Africa.