Samarcanda Social Co-operative

Samarcanda is an Italian based social co-operative dedicated to integrate disadvantaged people in everyday life, developing local activities in collaboration with local authorities, such as providing daycare services as well as technical and administrative support to other social initiatives in the area.

Over time the co-operative has developed a shelter named “Casa Bakhita” which hosts disadvantaged people with very different backgrounds, from social distress linked to the economic crisis, to health and therapeutic problems.

Samarcanda works on the capacities, skills, sensitivity and motivation of these people, in the frame of a personal plan of redemption, in a logic of empowerment, giving people a chance to integrate into society by learning a new job.

With that objective, the shelter (“Casa Bakhita”) has created a laboratory that allows to implement an in-the-job training by recycling bicycle material: Reclò.

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Facts and Figures

  • 18 months' project
  • 10 different types of items created
  • 1 store opened in Italy to sell Reclò items
  • 2 technical design schools involved
  • 30 new people employed
  • Up to 1,500 people reached in 1 year