Riders for Health

Riders for Health is a UK based social enterprise with the mission to strengthen local health systems by addressing the most neglected, yet vital, aspects of development for the health of Africa: transportation and logistics.

They achieve this by managing vehicles to support the work of their partners whose remit is to reach rural communities with health care and other vital services.

All started in the late 1980s when Andrea and Barry Coleman, philanthropists and motorcycle enthusiasts, went to Africa to see the impact of their donations; but what they saw were hundreds of vehicles for health care delivery broken down. For that reason, they began a program to use motorcycles (more feasible to the African roads) and provide training to local people in order to become riders and mechanics.

Riders for Health operates in Lesothos, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Gambia and Nigeria, and believes in a world in which healthcare reaches everyone, everywhere.

Official website: http://www.riders.org/

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Facts and Figures

  • 3 year project
  • 12 million people across Africa have improved access to health care
  • 2.9 million extra people interact with health professionals each year
  • 400,000 samples and test results transported each year
  • 3 times more patients referred to hospitals by ambulances
  • 500,000 men, women and children reached by Riders for Health’s means of transportation