Medici Con L’Africa Cuamm

The first non-governmental organization (NGO) in the field of healthcare to be officially recognized in Italy in 1950, Doctors with Africa Cuamm was founded with the aim of training doctors in developing countries.

Today it runs more than 35 co-operation projects with 80 local partners, including 15 hospitals, 4 nursing schools, and 3 universities across Africa.

The organization’s projects have long-term goals, even when facing emergency situations, and strive to provide quality healthcare services to everyone. It is equally committed to training and to spreading scientific knowledge through its technical contributions to local healthcare projects.

The investment of the Only The Brave Foundation was for a children’s health project in Ethiopia. The goals were to decrease infant mortality rate by 30% and increase vaccination coverage of children by 90%. To achieve this, the organization is working to increase the presence of medical personnel in maternal delivery and facilitate health coverage for obstetrician emergencies such as c-sections.

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Facts and Figures

  • 7 countries in Africa
  • 62 years of history
  • 40 € the average cost of an assisted c-section
  • 3+ years on average served by each volunteer
  • 4 year partnership with Only The Brave Foundation
  • 150 major cooperation projects since founding