The Ombadja District in Angola has one of the world’s highest mortality tax rates for children under five: 161 per 1,000 born alive.

The maternity mortality rate is 610 cases for every 100,000 births.

These catastrophic statistics are largely due to the poor treatment of common pregnancy problems.

The fact is that a qualified health professional is present at only 15% of childbirths in this area. Families just don’t understand the importance of proper medical supervision during the delicate moment of childbirth.

Since the program launched in early 2013, the Mother and Children First project has already made a difference in the district. Specifically working to educate the local population to the dangers inherent in home births without any type of medical supervision.

Concretely they’ve provided safe childbirth to 180 mothers (including a number of caesarean sections) and followed up with neonatal care.

And this is just the start.

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