Ethiopian Education Foundation

The Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) believes that education is the key to a better future for Ethiopia, one of Africa‘s poorest nations.

Each year EEF selects 15 – 20 underprivileged yet motivated, academically promising students (aged 14) and sends them to one of Ethiopia‘s best secondary schools. Its aim is to empower them with the skills that will enable them to go on to University and fulfill their ambitious dreams.

The Only The Brave Foundation believes in giving youth the opportunities they deserve to build themselves a better future. For that reason, the Foundation has partnered with EEF and created 8 Only The Brave scholarships to sponsor and mentor eight students.

The mentorship opportunity has been offered to the employees of the group. Eight of them have direct contact with the Only The Brave students by email and develop a mentoring relationship, closely following the students’ academic progress and personal development into well-rounded educated future Ethiopian leaders.

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Facts and Figures

  • 9 years of existence
  • 4 years of study for each student thanks to foundation support
  • 154 students in the program since its inception
  • 40 boys housed at the EEF hostel
  • 23 students successfully graduated from high school in 2014 Each one has gained a place at university
  • 8 students are being mentored and benefiting from the Only The Brave Scholarships