Dance for Health & Parkinson

“Dance for Health & Parkinson” is a project that uses contemporary dance as a means to regress the progress of Parkinson’s disease in affected individuals.

The project has already proven to be a great success in many European cities and has now arrived in Bassano del Grappa.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this innovative technique after noticing that Parkinson is affecting younger individuals than in previous years. The average diagnosis age is today 40 years old.

Dance classes are regularly held at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa. The support of the Only The Brave Foundation will cover the tuition for a period of 24 months, with lessons twice a week.

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Facts and Figures

  • 15-25 individuals affected by the Parkinson per lesson
  • 2 year project
  • 11 dance professionals trained
  • 2 dance classes per week
  • 5 partners in the Vicentino area
  • 2 hospitals studying the results of the project