Manuela, La Casa del Pane

Enthusiasm , despair, and then again new hope, thanks to microcredit. The story of Manuela and her husband Stefano can be summed up in these three words.

In 2010 they realized their dream: they opened a bakery on the main street of San Felice sul Panaro. In May, the earthquake: the bakery and the oven were inoperable, the landlord refused to pay for the damages and the entire city center was in the red zone. Three months of darkness, spent working on a farm in the area. Then, in September the turning point: Microcredit For Italy provided them with a grant of 20,000 €. The bakery in San Felice reopened in December 2012.

Today, a year and a half after, not just sales, but their hopes for the future are back.

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