The WeFree project comes from the collaboration with San Patrignano, the biggest community in Italy helping young people affected by any kind of addiction. It’s a prevention program that stems from 40 years  of daily experience with young people, with the awareness of how useful and important it is  to inform teenagers about the risks associated with addictions

30 million

Euro a year saved by the Governement


students reached over the year


people recovered

Completely Free

Thanks to the WeFree  project, young students have the chance to attend shows where the performers come from the rehab community and tell about their life experiences, with the possibility to talk about their problems without the presence of adults. The Community of San Patrignano knows how useful it is to raise awareness about the risks associated with drugs use. It also knows that only raising awareness is often not enough: it is crucial to engage the youngest and all people around them, to stimulate a reaction. Because real freedom means living life to the fullest, and having fun without getting high. Self-respect, respect for others, the ethics of responsibility and the spirit of helping those who are most in need: these are the founding principles of this project

Be Brave... Be Free

The collaboration between Only The Brave Foundation and San Patrignano is based on sharing the wish to be present in teens ’ lives to support their growth and future. Thanks to the support of the Only The Brave Foundation to the Community of San Patrignano, the WeFree project will increase its appointments and will stops  with theatrical prevention shows in many towns in the North of Italy, meeting thousands of students, starting with Bassano del Grappa and arriving  in Venice and  Padua

In 1978, Vincenzo Muccioli created the Community of San Patrignano with the support of a group of volunteers. Based near Rimini, the community has several associations of volunteers all over Italy and abroad, mainly in Croatia and England. Currently the community is home to 1,320 young men and women with drug abuse problems, who have their meals each day in the main dining room in a family setting. Amongst them, there are about 100 young boys and girls coming from all around the world. Recent studies conducted by several major universities show that 72% of those who completed the three-to-four-year program at San Patrignano are fully reintegrated into society, remain drug-free and 92% of them have a job as soon as they leave the community at the end of their program


Antonio Tinelli

President of San Patrignano Community

“To convey in a concrete way what it means to be able to fulfill one’s own needs, to overcome the challenges, to make a commitment. This is the WeFree project, powered year after year by enthusiasm, artistic talent, young people's emotions, free from all sorts of addictions”.

Patrizia Russi

Creative Director WeFree

“After completing the program, which made me a free person and more importantly an aware mother in my daughter’s life, I understood that doing something for the others was what I wanted to do in my professional life as well. A way to give back the support I received from San Patrignano. So after years of training, today I work on the WeFree prevention program, creating initiatives especially aimed at teenagers and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Because they are our future and it’s our job as adults to guide them, maintaining their uniqueness and preciousness”.

Enrica Zamparini

Head of Fund Raising & Communication

“I work as a fundraiser at San Patrignano, which is home to thousands of young people who are giving themselves a second chance. People who have decided to not let darkness, fear and a sense of inadequacy take over their lives anymore, and who are in search of their hidden talents. I feel I share a lot with these people: I also put my talent to good use on a daily basis – by fundraising, I try to enable the organization’s stakeholders to shine and to personally contribute to a better world with courage, generosity and good will”.

Silvia Mengoli

Head of Department WeFree

“The protagonists of our prevention project are young people from San Patrignano, who have completed their rehab program. Without claiming to teach anything, they tell their story, their experience. They tell strong, intense stories that leave a mark. What emerges in the end is that drugs are not the problem, but the wrong answer to a problem”.

Melita Tempesta


“In the shows we perform around the country we use a show format that combines storytelling with music and theater, so I can really get the audience to experience my life back when I was a little girl, during its darkest moments. I can truly engage them”.

Thomas Skiffington


“My life before entering San Patrignano was made of darkness and it was meaningless. I used substances to not think, to feel nothing, I lived without emotions, feelings, relationships, people. Working with the WeFree project I met so many young people, each of them leaving something inside of me”.

Elisabeth Cucco


“Using theater to talk about life experiences is a way to do prevention that puts together many positive aspects. Besides doing prevention against the use of drugs and risky life styles, it allows to deal with culture, to excite young people and direct them towards theater and through emotions, an important communication channel is guaranteed. They are called “Millennials”, they are described like a generation who cannot live without cell phones, but teenagers today raise their heads, they listen, they open their heart. It is our responsibility as adults to help them do it. Thanks to the WeFree project, I get on stage and, through acting, I tell a true story: a story of darkness and tumultuous teenage years. At the same time, I also close the performance with an important message of rebirth and redemption. Changing is certainly difficult but it is not impossible”.