Social Services & Community Jobs is an Only The Brave Foundation project in partnership with the Social Services of Bassano del Grappa, the closest city to the Foundation headquarters. This initiative aims at reintegrating disadvantaged people, who lost their job during the economic crisis, into the workforce through social and community jobs


years since the project started


people benefited from six-month work grants


public areas repaired

Training and social jobs to face the difficult socio-economic situation

The difficult socio-economic situation has excluded whole segments of population from the market, which is still not stable enough to create new job opportunities. This context has affected also many citizens of Bassano, the biggest city near our head offices, who live in an uncertain situation, afraid that this job insecurity will push them to an economic black hole without return.

To tackle this problem, the Social Services of Bassano del Grappa developed a program to promote the autonomy of individuals while preserving their dignity by offering them training and social jobs instead of simply living on welfare

Dignity, reintegration, community

Thanks to the support of Only The Brave Foundation, the Social Services of Bassano del Grappa Municipality developed a project to enhance the public areas in the city. Only in 2016, 9 jobs were provided to 7 men and 2 women, amongst which 3 senior.

Since it was developed, the program has ensured the maintenance and improvement of 40 of the 51 public areas of Bassano del Grappa such as public parks, playground areas, sports hall, promenades besides the Brenta River, repairing and embellishing courtyard fences, carousels and walls.


Riccardo Poletto

Bassano del Grappa Mayor

For quite some time, the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa has believed and invested energies and resources to offer different initiatives to support people with income problems. During these years, we realized how useful internships are, both from an economic point of view, but also and above all for the dignity that the role of ‘worker’ gives to people in need, to their need to put to work their professional and relational skills, generating to self-esteem and psycho-physical wellbeing.


Bassano del Grappa Representative

“It is an occasion to provide an internship to people in economic difficulty, enhancing personal competences and skills, to turn a precarious situation into a chance for a fresh start. It is an opportunity to prove one’s own value and do something meaningful for his city and community. We believe in internships as a way to rehabilitate people in a proactive way. Is mutual help, the economic support depends on the work done to improve the city’s services for citizens and tourists”