SHE is a non-profit social venture in Rwanda that designs and delivers low-cost, eco-friendly menstrual pads made from banana fiber.
Its mission is to invest in people and ideas that are typically overlooked (and often taboo) to drive social and economic change


Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Only The Brave Foundation join forces to support the students of Sarnano, where time still stood since last year’s earthquake in the center of Italy.

Give your contribution and help us rebuild their school sending your donations by bank transfer to:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


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La Andrea Bocelli Foundation in collaborazione con la Only The Brave Foundation di Renzo Rosso hanno iniziato i lavori per la costruzione di una nuova struttura scolastica che sarà donata al Comune di Sarnano al fine di ripristinare l’accesso all’educazione per gli studenti della Scuola media. Aiutaci a ricostruire la loro scuola, donando sul conto corrente:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


Intestato a Fondazione Andrea Bocelli


women and girls provided with pads


banana farmers


'go! Pads' produced annually

The power of small things

SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) developed a patent-pending, mechanical process to make an absorbent from banana fiber, priced lower than the ones of multinational brands, enabling girls and women to access affordable, eco-friendly pads.
According to UNICEF, on any given day, over 800 million women between the ages of 15 to 49 do not attend school or work during their period, and many girls drop out of school after the onset of menstruation.  SHE provides economic opportunities to local communities by creating jobs all across the value chain, from the farmer, to the pad assembler, to the pad distributor


SHE invests also in female entrepreneurs to jumpstart their own sustainable and scalable franchise selling and distributing these locally produced, low-cost, eco-friendly pads. The sanitary pad franchising is coupled with health and hygiene education and advocacy to ensure long-term sustainability. SHE furthers its sustainability model relying on local materials, local knowledge, and local labor

Thanks to the support of the Only The Brave Foundation, SHE has developed a new market for banana fiber in East Africa, and has manufactured 220,000 pads to date reaching 11,000 women and girls. The SHE initiative will continue to grow in Rwanda, and will expand into new markets in Africa and Asia in the next 2-3 years. 18% of girls and women in Rwanda miss out on school and work last year because they could not afford to buy menstrual pads



SHE's founder and CEO

“Financial support from the Only the Brave Foundation was essential to scale up our operations to commercial scale in Rwanda. We are grateful for their timely and key investment to help us prove that SHE is a sustainable and scalable model that can be replicated globally.”



"I can't go to school when I don't have pads. This causes me to miss school, which is something important for my future."



“As I talk to my friends, I have realized that menstruation itself is not a problem; what is a problem is how it is managed. I grew up in a poor family and I could not afford to buy pads when I needed them, but I am happy that younger people will not meet the challenges I faced ,and what I experienced.“


SHE's menstrual hygiene course student

“When we entered in this club about ‘Menstrual Health Management’, we didn’t know how to keep ourselves clean while menstruating but now I know how and I share that info with other girls.”