Satyagraha is a no-profit organization helping children who are victims of abuse in South India, proving them a safe and warm place where to grow


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Age at which a girl must start to earn a living

10 million

Female abortions in India in the last 20 years


Percentage of Indian female illiteracy

Satyagraha means “The Strenght Of Truth”

Satyagraha comes from ancient Sanskrit, it is a word coined by the Mahatma Ghandi and it means “the Strength of the Truth.” Nowadays, Satyagraha supports more than 200 children who have been discriminated, abused, mangled by their families. It operates with qualified local staff recreating a family environment that promotes respect and personal growth. Satyagraha has created a child-friendly village made of protected houses, and including several structures offering services to the smaller ones

The “Golden Village”: A Protected Village

The Golden Village is made up of several protected houses welcoming more than 50 girls from 3 to 20 years old. These protected houses are designed to foster and allow their full recovery and gradual reintegration into society. An ongoing vigilance service with professional guards has been installed, given the high risk of kidnapping and sale of children. As well as an electric generator that allows the continuous supply of electricity to the entire village

Statistics report 78,000 female abortions in the last five years, about 10 million girls not born in India in the last twenty years because of the selective abortion of female fetuses. To overcome this plague, the Indian government has recently banned the determination of the sex of the unborn, but unfortunately there are still many cases bypassing the law. If a girl is allowed to be born, they are often victims of infanticide and otherwise discriminated against in basic needs: nutrition, education, the physical violence of parents.
At a very young age, most of the girls start working: when they reach 6 years they must start to earn a living. For males it is not important to do so, because it is thought that they will compensate the parents in their old age. Many girls fall into the trap of slavery, trafficking, prostitution, pornography or other illegal activities. In India, 75% of women are illiterate, while only 53% of men are.
If the girl can start school, she is often withdrawn from her studies towards the age of puberty, in general at 13 years, if the teachers are men, or if a premature marriage has been arranged for her. At least 700 girls are burned by fire or acid in New Delhi every year: the ones who do not obey enough, or who cannot keep the promises of dowry made by their parents


Laura Piazza

Cofunder Satyagraha onlus

“The quality of the service offered to children and in general to people in need is really important, I think this is necessary to make the "difference". I believe in the good heart of the one who gives, unity is strength and I work for the difference of cultures: it is only the starting point. In Satyagraha Onlus, I take care of fundraising and give direct testimony of the projects executed. I seek help to give protection to those who have not. So, thank you Only The Brave Foundation for helping us out!”

Chiara Piazza

Cofunder Satyagraha onlus

“I believe there is a great, unquestionable, truth in this world where everything is possible: every child deserves protection and must be happy. What I do through Satyagraha is seeking help for these lonely and helpless children, so that they can be safe and start smiling. I believe in the importance of school education because it is the key to change their future. Thanks to Only The Brave Foundation for choosing to help our girls right away!”

Marco Passerini

Cofunder Satyagraha onlus

The children we help today will change their destiny and the one of their own children. We have started a chain process for total autonomy and complete social integration. These children will be an example for their families and future generations. I believe in sharing and in the great power of the human soul, so we are very grateful to Only The Brave Foundation for the generosity!”