Quid is a social enterprise employing disadvantaged women to create hand-crafted, unique items from unused textile materials. An innovative model marrying social engagement, Made in Italy know-how, and sustainable development


Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Only The Brave Foundation join forces to support the students of Sarnano, where time still stood since last year’s earthquake in the center of Italy.

Give your contribution and help us rebuild their school sending your donations by bank transfer to:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


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La Andrea Bocelli Foundation in collaborazione con la Only The Brave Foundation di Renzo Rosso hanno iniziato i lavori per la costruzione di una nuova struttura scolastica che sarà donata al Comune di Sarnano al fine di ripristinare l’accesso all’educazione per gli studenti della Scuola media. Aiutaci a ricostruire la loro scuola, donando sul conto corrente:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


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Combining the market with ethical and sustainable values

QUID helps disadvantaged women go back work by employing them in the recovery of high-quality textile waste materials from selected established fashion partners, creating hand-crafted, unique garments and accessories which are 100% Made in Italy. All resources are local, from labor force to fabrics, ensuring an eco-friendly supply chain and a high environmental sustainability. QUID products offer a win-win alternative to for-profit collections lacking the ethical element and sustainable, social items lacking style


In 2015 Quid partnered with the Only The Brave Foundation and started a collaboration for the recovery of high-quality textile waste materials from OTB group. Thousands of bags were created, using 2,000 meters of unused textile materials, employing 10 women full time for a total of 650 hours of work. The bags were gifted to OTB employees around the world for the 2016 winter festivities. Thanks to this partnership, Quid also manufactured the bags distributed at the 2016 edition of International Talent Support Contest which were made of recycled denim from OTB employing more than 20 disadvantaged people in the process

Progetto QUID was founded in Verona, Italy, in 2012 by five friends who shared a passion for fashion and social innovation. In March 2013 QUID was registered as a co-op and in June 2013 it opened its first temporary store in Verona, followed by a second store in Forte Dei Marmi, Tuscany.
Since March 2014 QUID has a permanent flagship store in Verona city center. Two more temporary stores opened in spring 2014 in Vicenza and Trieste



QUID founder

“I hope this will be the beginning of a successful collaboration with OTB, continuing to work on giving a second life to these wonderful fabrics and creating job opportunities for QUID’s women and men.”


QUID art director

"As designers we enjoyed working with such fine fabrics from iconic brands and see them transformed by our team into a new product”


QUID employee

"It was challenging but it was great, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to create such beautiful products”


QUID employee

“I like to work in the final phase of the products’ creation, particularly the bags that have so many colorful and precious pieces”