The sustainable development of this village in Mali was carried out in collaboration with UN organization Millennium Promise. The village made important progress and gained momentum to escape the poverty trap


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inhabitants benefitted


reduction in malaria infections


primary school classrooms serving 201 students.

Eradicating extreme poverty

In 2009, the Only The Brave Foundation partnered with Millennium Promise, the international, non-governmental organization committed to ending poverty in all its forms by 2030, and embarked on a very ambitious project: the sustainable development of the Only The Brave Millennium Village of Dioro, in Mali.
The local community participated in every step of the village’s development, from planning to financing, building, managing and maintaining, to ensure a truly sustainable change

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

Many interventions were implemented: seeds and fertilizers were distributed to boost agriculture, bed nets were provided to every household to decrease malaria. Many of the village’s structures were built or renovated, such as a new health clinic, a primary school, a multimedia communication center, solar panels, and a school kitchen.

The Only The Brave Foundation worked on this project hand in hand with Millennium Promise for 6 years in a row. Today, it is proud to witness the progress made in the quality of life of its inhabitants. Our collaboration has come to an end, but this experience is currently being replicated across the country and abroad

The Dioro village in the Tiby cluster is located in the Southern region of Segou, one of the poorest areas in Mali. Tiby has a long dry season of 9 to 11 months and the cluster only receives about 250-500 millimeters of rain per year. Staple crops are rain-fed sorghum and millet cereals



School principal

“This school is of paramount importance for the populations of Dioro who have suffered from the shortage of classrooms and the remoteness of the school from pupils”.


Head Midwife of the Community Health Center

“Water and electricity remain crucial elements in a maternity. The achievement of these facilities allows us to perform quality deliveries ensuring the safety of the mother and the child and contributes to the improvement of the assisted delivery rate”.


Manager of the Dioro Multimedia Communication Center

“Photocopying documents, word processing, data input and printing activities are currently carried out in the center and thanks to their receipts the center continues operating with the involvement of the committee set up by the communities.”


Chairman of the Community Association (ASACO)

“These achievements have made it possible to improve the working environment and to have quality and secure services for service providers and users”.