Nuru Energy is a social enterprise which manufactures and sells portable LED lights in order to eliminate kerosene in rural African villages.
Nuru Energy spent many years, pioneering and then refining a sustainable, off-grid solution that catalyzes rural entrepreneurship within the villages while at the same time it allows the poorest of the poor to access the energy that they so desperately need to help them escape from poverty


Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Only The Brave Foundation join forces to support the students of Sarnano, where time still stood since last year’s earthquake in the center of Italy.

Give your contribution and help us rebuild their school sending your donations by bank transfer to:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


Payable to Fondazione Andrea Bocelli

La Andrea Bocelli Foundation in collaborazione con la Only The Brave Foundation di Renzo Rosso hanno iniziato i lavori per la costruzione di una nuova struttura scolastica che sarà donata al Comune di Sarnano al fine di ripristinare l’accesso all’educazione per gli studenti della Scuola media. Aiutaci a ricostruire la loro scuola, donando sul conto corrente:

IT88 A052 3271 0300 0000 0007 762


Intestato a Fondazione Andrea Bocelli


village-level recharging businesses setup


households with access to clean energy


tons of CO2 eliminated

Energy to empower

NuruEnergy has developed a one-of-a-kind, simple-to-use off-grid recharging platform, a pedal generator. This generator provides reliable, clean, sustainable power anytime, anywhere and is hundreds of times more efficient than current solar-based solutions at a fraction of the cost. It is used to recharge both mobile phones and NuruEnergy’s own portable modular LED lights, which can be recharged in 20 minutes, each light providing up to 10 days of light to a rural household. NuruEnergy’s pedal generators are a clean and safe alternative to kerosene and 5 times cheaper for the households.
To bring these products to market, NuruEnergy partners with local organizations to recruit and train micro-franchise entrepreneurs who sell NuruEnergy’s LED lights to their community and then offer pedal generator recharging services for a small fee. A NuruEnergy entrepreneur earns in 20 minutes what they previously earned in an entire day

Bringing clean energy to every village in the world

The Only The Brave Foundation started supporting NuruEnergy in 2013 for a project in Rwanda. Thanks to this partnership, 36,000 modular LED lights and 240 Power-Cycles were produced and distributed bringing clean and reliable light to thousands of households. In addition, 240 NuruEnergy Entrepreneurs were recruited and trained

NuruEnergy is a social enterprise founded in 2008, with offices in Cape Town, South Africa and in New Delhi, India



Nuru Energy recipient

“I use the Nuru light to chase elephants in our home compound, since they are migrating from the forest to look for water and food because of drought. They destroy our place. I light the Nuru light and they run away



“Before I had Nuru, I was not motivated to study more, because I had to rush through topics. But now I revise and get to have more insight into topics which has given me the willpower and motivation to study more and be successful and become a nurse.”


Nuru Energy employee

"I enjoy working for Nuru because of the testimonials I receive from both our Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) and Customers. Nuru has changed their life...they are making more money and our products are helping them in so many ways."