OTB and Only The Brave Foundation developed a food recovery program with Sodexo Italia and Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus to distribute surplus food from the OTB’s headquarters cafeteria to people in need


meals distributed from the beginning of the program


meals distributed in the first semester of 2018


social canteens serving the recovered meals

Fighting food waste

According to Italy’s statistics agency ISTAT, one person out of ten lives under the food poverty threshold in Italy, while 15% of the country’s food production is wasted. This waste amounts to 15 million tons per year (the equivalent of 18€ million), where food services and hospitality account for 20% of the total waste.
To tackle this problem, OTB and Only The Brave Foundation partnered with Sodexo and Banco Alimentare del Veneto Onlus to develop a surplus food distribution program. With the help of Sodexo, ten thousand meals have been distributed as well as fruits, vegetables and bread, for the economic equivalent of over 40.000 euro, which have been redistributed to thousands of people in need

Collaboration between different social players is possible

Banco Alimentare, a member of the European Federation of Food Banks, has been present in Italy since 1989, working to save surplus food from waste and distributing it for free to ONGs and charitable organizations.

Since 1996, through the STOP Hunger program, Sodexo supports the activities of its employees, clients, consumers and suppliers, in partnership with NGOs and local associations, fighting against malnutrition and hunger in 48 countries. In Italy, Sodexo partners with Banco Alimentare – Siticibo for the collection and distribution of cooked and fresh food surplus in catering. In 2016 Sodexo donated over 90.000 food portions in Italy alone

OTB and its President Renzo Rosso strongly support a new business model in which companies contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the territories in which they operate.

“I am very happy and proud of this initiative which demonstrates that with little actions we can do so much. The will to make a difference makes the change possible”



Sodexo Cook Chief

“I was very happy when I discovered the company restaurant I manage in the headquarters of OTB would implement the surplus food program. All the staff is very enthusiastic about it and we work to reduce food waste as close to zero as possible.”


Sodexo Chef

“Knowing that the food we cook is distributed also to people in need is an added value to my work and it motivates me everyday.”


Sodexo Chef

“When I cook, I try to avoid any waste, for the wellbeing of our environment. It is frustrating to throw away the food we cook with love and passion, so I didn’t hesitated to volunteer when I knew a surplus food program would be implemented in our canteen”