Wild Philanthropy

Wild Philanthropy is an organization designed to provide multiple ways to invest in the future of Africa, its people, wildlife and wilderness


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Wild Philanthropy is an organization which proposes multiple ways to invest in the future of Africa, its people, the wildlife and the wilderness. It aims at revolutionizing the travel and conservation sector by rolling out a travel-driven conservation model that explicitly links travel, community, conservation and finance, and hence demonstrates that local communities can gain economic benefits from conserving at-risk ecosystems. However, whatever the success of the model, it is clear that income generated from sustainable travel alone is not enough to compensate for the failure of the floods, as is the case of the Kara tribe, a Nilotic ethnic group of the Ethiopian Omo Valley, that continues to face real challenges when it comes to ensuring there is enough food for all

The Kara Community Farm Project

The Kara Community Farm Project is designed to establish a solar-powered irrigation system that will enable the cultivation of 7 hectares of river-bank land. It will allow a large number of Kara people to grow crops for consumption and sale, thereby addressing present food security issues and encouraging a diversification of income streams. Extremely fertile, the land itself is mixed acacia scrub with a sandy alluvial soil, the result of centuries of river flooding and sediment deposits. Crops will include a mix of sorghum, fruit, herbs and vegetables. All in all, the project will help improve food security in the village and allow for additional revenue for the community through the sale of goods to the camp.  Supported by Only The Brave Foundation, it is run jointly by the Kara community, Wild Philanthropy, and its ecotourism operator Wild Expedition.

The Kara are a Nilotic ethnic group famous for their body painting. They are one of the smallest tribes in the regions with a population of somewhere between one and three thousand, living along the east banks of the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. The Omo Valley is a beautiful area with diverse ecosystems including grasslands, volcanic outcrops, and one of the few remaining ‘pristine’ riverine forests in semi-arid Africa, which supports a wide variety of wildlife. Primarily agro-pastoralists, the Kara practice flood-retreat cultivation, growing crops such as sorghum. Annual flooding along the Omo River irrigates and provides nutrients that allow them to cultivate the land and grow the food they depend on. Rain-fed agriculture has been important, but hardly compares to the level of dependence the Kara have on the Omo River’s seasonal floods. The traditional way of life of the Kara in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia is under threat: a gradual reduction in southern Ethiopian annual rainfall levels and a complete failure of seasonal floods of the Omo River – exacerbated by the recently completed Gibe dams upstream – have threatened Kara livelihoods. A solar-powered irrigation system will provide the Kara with a dependable supply of water for the cultivation of crops that will improve food security and diversify livelihoods


Paul Herbertson

Conservation Enterprise Director of Wild Philanthropy

“At Wild Philanthropy we believe that travel can have a positive impact in Africa. Our aim is to demonstrate that local community can and should benefit from tourism in a meaningful way. We support community led ecotourism through investment, helping them understand the market, business planning, marketing and driving clients to the businesses. We also support conservation and community projects which provide added benefits to these local communities. Only the Brave has been critical in supporting Wild Philanthropy to establish the Kara Community Farm initiative alongside the tourism facility, Lale’s Camp (operated by Wild Expeditions Ethiopia). Through helping to fund a solar pump and irrigation system, the community are now able to irrigate land that they traditionally used for cultivation providing a more reliable source of food.”

Lale Biwa

Kara Community Elder and Head Guide of Wild Expeditions

“The Kara Community farm will help the community of Dus with taking control of their own farming, allowing them to grow crops and sell some crops to our Camp. With the changes we have seen in the river flooding patterns it has been increasingly difficult to cultivate land along the edges of the river as we have traditionally done. The support from Only the Brave foundation and Wild Philanthropy in purchasing and installing the solar pump and irrigation system will make a big difference. We thank the Only The Brave Foundation and Wild Philanthropy for their generous support.”

Graeme Lemon

Country Manager of Wild Expeditions

“Wild Expeditions has been established with support of Wild Philanthropy and with a vision to support communities in and around areas where we operate our tourism business. As one of the first initiatives, the Community Farm will reinforce the value that tourism can play in conservation and community development. The support from Only the Brave Foundation was fundamental to the success of the project for which we are very grateful.”