Conca D’Oro is a social farm in Bassano del Grappa (North-East Italy) hiring people with disabilities to grow organic vegetables and fruits, and integrating them into the workforce


persons with handicap employed


fruits and vegetables baskets delivered


hectares cultivated

An organic social farm

Born with the aim of integrating young people with disabilities in society through employment, Conca D’Oro trains them to cultivate the land in a traditional way.
The earnings from the sale of the organic vegetables and fruits has allowed Conca D’Oro to open a shop inside the farm complex and a restaurant with a menu that changes depending on the seasonal products.
Today, 35 young men and women cultivate 11 hectares of organic vegetables, which are sold both at the farm’s shop and at a weekly open-air market. All unsold fruits and vegetables are used to produce vegetable creams and jams, sold at their shop

Back to nature to integrate people with disabilities

The Only The Brave Foundation funds allowed the social farm to acquire more hectares and a tractor to cultivate the land faster. They also built a wood oven to bake sourdough bread sold in the shop and at the local market, and to cook the pizzas served in the farm’s restaurant. Thanks to our foundation’s support, Conca D’Oro increased the number of employees from 19 to 35

Based in Bassano del Grappa (North-East Italy), Conca d’Oro was founded in 1999. Since 2013 OTB employees have the opportunity to take part in this social project and benefit from a quality and ecofriendly service, ordering baskets with seasonal organic vegetables, fruits and bread that are delivered to the group’s headquarters in Breganze every two weeks


Eraldo Berti


"According to physics laws a bumblebee could not fly because of the disproportion between his small wings and his large body, but he ignores them and flies anyway. According to the cast-iron laws of the market and disability, "Conca d’oro", as well as other social farms in Italy, could not be in business. But we ignore them and keep going on anyway. Like a tractor."



“I’m a professional baker, I have been working with Conca D’Oro for the past three years, I feel as it helped, in some way, to make the world a better place sharing my experience with these people. When I spend time here I feel in peace, we make beautiful things”



“For many years I have been come here to Conca D’Oro every day, I like to come because I meet my friends during every day’s laboratories and activities. I feel that everyone loves me here”



“Since 9 years I participate in Conca D’Oro activities, I love to prepare Thursday cakes”